The hotel Florida Norte – Paseo de la Florida 41 – Madrid, is reinvented through a comprehensive reform to turn it into a flagship in the field, commissioned by the owner and developer, Ruesma. This unique refurbishment designed by the prestigious Morph Architecture Studio takes special care in its design with respect for the historical environment and the technological vanguard. With a creative, innovative and well-defined design, the project stands out for the use of different materials, such as high acoustic and thermal performance glass, folded composite panel, concealed sash windows and special ribbed profiles that will contribute to obtaining BREEAM certification.

SCW Smart Curtain Wall will install the prefabricated panel system for this complex construction, specially designed for residential buildings; a system that reduces on-site execution times to a minimum. Other advantages of building residential buildings with prefabricated panels SCW- CW80+ SG, is to achieve the highest quality of the installed panels, because the 100% of the element is produced in assembly line with its respective quality controls.

The façade consists of a total of 152 different panels in independent cubes whose dimensions are 2.95 x 3.15 metres, of which 39 units are in different plans. It will certainly be a new high-tech concept for the residential complex in Madrid.

Dédalo 2 – Madrid is a new project designed by the architectural firm Arques & Partners and commissioned by the prestigious developer Torre Rioja – Madrid Socimi, S.A.

This new building is located in MADBIT, Madrid’s new technological district, located in and around Julián Camarillo Street, which is fast becoming an innovative business and production district. SCW already counts with prestigious references such as the OM∞ Julián Camarillo, 31 building and the Osiris 1 building; both with LEED Platinium certification.

For this new High-Tech building, the SCW – Smart Curtain Wall “Active Wall / One Glass” glazed façade will be installed, in its new Walk Around version.

The main feature of this new system is the installation of a single glass on each floor including the RF system in the same panel, which will facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of the facade from its self-supporting aluminum architectural walkway, easily accessible around the perimeter.

This new system is developed from the SCW Active Wall® facade, which will allow an optimal use of natural light in a smart way and a reinforced exterior solar protection system on the facades mostly exposed to solar radiation, which is automatically managed by the building’s customized home automation system